Head of Open Source & Machine Learning

We are looking for an experienced ML engineer equipped with sophisticated software engineering skills and a proven track record in leading open-source software.

We expect you to have:

  • 3-5 years of Machine Learning/Deep Learning/HPC/Distributed Computing experience, with a working knowledge of and a passion for NumPy, PyTorch and Tensorflow including strong programming skills in Python and C++.
  • Fluency in using Git and GitHub, and a track recording effectively contributing to open source projects.
  • The ability to pick the best tool for the job and integrate an array of technologies into a reliable High Performance Computing solution.
  • Experience with cloud services and/or running machine learning models in production including knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes, CircleCI.

We expect you to:

  • To join a highly motivated, curious, hardworking explorers in the field of AI
  • Have a builder attitude - you love building cool things that matter!
  • Proven track record of executing projects against tight deadlines.
  • Work closely with the founding team in developing hyper-scalable software for ML.
  • Proactively identify and anticipate problems and provide tangible solutions.
  • Enjoy the startup journey towards building endurable, scalable business.

About Activeloop

We're building Cloud for AI, you can think of operating system for machine learning applications.

With increasingly fragmented landscape of computation resources across different special hardware and cloud providers, Activeloop unifies and abstracts away infrastructure for easier and highly efficient machine learning and deep learning.

The company is founded by PhDs from Princeton University and backed by Y Combinator and other prominent investors from Silicon Valley.


Send your CV to [email protected]

Unifying and abstracting away infrastructure for easier and highly efficient machine and deep learning.