Drones &
Satellite Imagery

Store and efficiently process aerial imaging data of any size and structure, including geospatial data with ease.


Your data where you need it

  • Activeloop would automatically load your aerial images stored either on the cloud (S3, GCS, Blob) or on a premise file system.
  • The tool parses a wide range of raw formats that are supported by GDAL, including GeoTIFF files.
  • The data is efficiently chunked, transformed into a compressed format, and stored in an array data warehouse.


Process your data at scale

Once the data is loaded, Activeloop helps to apply various transformations on the images as if they are in a local machine. The tool helps to build data pipelines that can be effortlessly scaled to a cluster of machines.

Transformations include downscaling, cropping, shuffling, sampling and all other numpy supported functions on aerial images. One can easily compute NDVI by applying simple subtraction and division on a huge array.

Machine Learning

Train models instantly

Data pipelines can turn raw data into datasets that you can train machine learning and deep learning models. The dataset generations can achieve near-real-time computation such that training can start instantly.

The tool helps to train aerial image classification tasks such as identifying the crop type or image segmentation for example for identifying roof boundaries.

Time to market

Activeloop will connect to your current storage, ingest the data, and show you the results within days.

Round-the-clock support

Our team of machine learning experts will help you with data pre-processing, model selection, feature engineering support as much or as little as you need.


Enterprise-grade cloud computing optimized down to cents. Leverages the most cost-efficient resources such as spot instances.

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